The Influential Leader

An influential leader is able to continuously improve self performance and the performance of others. To be able to influence requires a great deal of confidence in you. However confidence is something you cannot touch, hold, or buy, so how can you instil confidence in yourself and influence others?

  • Learn to embrace fear with confidence,
  • Improve self performance and
  • Influence performance of others.


The Influential Leader workshop gives you proven tools that drive success in any aspect of your work where you need to build your confidence, sharpen your skills and be able to influence!

We share leadership models that positively influence attitudes and behaviours that drive success, and work with you so that you leave with a clear action development plan in the areas you really need support in.

So whether you want to:

  • Get Greater Recognition;
  • Influence Others Effectively;
  • Develop Specific Skills; or
  • Be More successful


Join us on “The Influential Leader” Workshop to confidently step out of your comfort zone start getting the results you want and deserve


  • Case studies
  • Tools and practical sessions on proven methodologies
  • A personal development plan

Event Details:              

When:                                                       Friday 17th October,

Registration and welcome refreshments:    9.00am to 9.30am

Event:                                                       9.30am to 4.30pm

Venue:                                                     The Studio, 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham B2 5EP

Tickets:                                                    £240 per person  (includes all day refreshments)


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Be a Business Olympian

Question: How do you to transform your organisation from its current performance to be an organisation of high performance?

 Answer:  Develop leadership skills in the individuals responsible for championing the way forward and instil confidence in them to challenge the status quo.

At Kaur Values Associates we do just that in our leadership development programs. With a client portfolio that includes F we have been grooming Business Olympians that are now creating high growth performance success in their respective organisations.

 All Business Olympians display three essential characteristics which are analogous to Sporting Olympians and they are: 

  • Unbreakable Mental Toughness

Peak performers work hard, are dedicated and have an unbreakable mental toughness. In the same way that athletes keep fit and hone their skills, managers need to grow and develop their competencies. Strong mental toughness is what differentiates champions from the strong performers.

  •  Good Discipline

Discipline is doing what is needed when you do not feel like it! Athletes exercise and practice when others are sitting around. Business Olympians keep the business up and running, they persevere when the going gets tough and not give up.

  •  Strong Belief

Sporting champions possess a strong belief in their capability to achieve the desired outcomes by tapping into their Emotional Quotient. Business Olympians have the same strong belief in themselves to have the capability to aim higher and experience greater success.

Having unbreakable mental toughness, good discipline and strong beliefs are all very well, but as all Sporting and Business Olympians will reveal, these are mindsets developed by having a good trainer and coach who understands the importance of heart and head and is able to tap into the Emotional Intelligence to really grow individuals to display peak performance.

For Business Olympians the additional output is that they create a strong organizational culture that empowers others to develop their mental toughness, discipline and belief thus accelerating the change for organisations to be transformed into higher performing organisations.

This article is condensed from a paper produced by Kaur Values “Why Olympians make Great Organisational Leaders”

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Be a Woman of Influence

Is there a Glass ceiling?

Why are only a small percentage of  women successful?

Are you recognised for your talent or are you held back?

Be a Woman of Influence is a workshop on the real secrets to being successful and having it all

 Whether you run your own business or are employed in a professional environment, you have a responsibility to pave the way for future upcoming senior women directors in the work place.

You do so by being successful and we show you how


Learn leadership insights into how women and men can work together change the behavioural norms that hinder both sexes and leave with a clear actionable development plan to:

  • Boost your career;
  • Get promoted;
  • Make your mark;
  • Get increased recognition for your skills and
  • Manage work/life balance challenges while still having it allThis workshop is open to men and women!


  • The business case from the House of Lords
  • Current Leadership challenges of gender stereotyping in the 21st century
  • Secrets to being successful
  • Tools and practical sessions on proven methodologies
  • A personal development plan to Be a Woman of Influence

Event Details:

When:                                      Monday 10th November,

Registration and welcome:         9.00am to 9.30am

Event:                                       9.30am to 4.30pm

Venue:                                      The Studio, 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham B2 5EP

Tickets:                                     £240 per person  (includes all day refreshments)

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Comments from previous delegates:

“Life changing outlook for the better”                 “Inspirational and challenging”             “I feel energized and recharged”

“Workshop has given me a renewed confidence to….”           “materials blew my mind away, my confidence now knows no limits”

“I am glad I made the effort to attend, I didn’t know what to expect and I am now a new person”




Growth Strategy Workout

For business owners who want to:

  • Improve business performance
  • Overcome specific problems
  • Re-assess goals
  • Be more influential in the market sector

You will be challenged to re-position yourself to be more effective in a more profitable market. You will work through current problems, identify what is hindering your business success and put in place improved solutions.

From this program be better equipped to:

  • Undertake a strategic business analysis
  • Understand the impact of environment and competitive forces
  • Evaluate strategic choices
  • Implement improvement plans
  • Develop Critical Success Factors
  • Implement a Growth Strategy

You will be introduced to new ideas, tools and resources all designed to assess your current business performance, to enable you to evaluate and redesign processes and structures to implement a new growth strategy tailored for your business.

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