The Chartered Institute of Management reported that nearly half the managers are ineffective. Their report provided new evidence advocating that the right management and leadership development activities can lead to increases of up to 32% in people performance and 23% in overall organisational performance, across organisations of all sectors and sizes.

Business development covers business strategy and planning in managing your business growth and performance. Business development is an on-going activity right up until you are ready to exit.

At Kaur Values we help you focus with greater clarity the overall direction you want to develop your business, matching your strategic advantages to the business environment you face. Our objective is to support you in positioning your business to efficiently and effectively carry out its mission.

We offer a range of coaching programs and training workshops looking at all aspects of running a business from start-ups to the established, from sole traders and SMEs to multinational corporates, from the businesses that want to grow or downsize to those that want to diversify or consolidate. Our portfolio of Business Development Packages include re-focus and re-alignment programs through to effective change transition programs, bringing to the forefront the organisation’s purpose and vision going forward.
There are many tools and strategies available to support your business development, from which we tailor those most suitable to your needs to ensure you maximise the return on your investment.

Our approach is to identify and address the gaps and critical failure points that have the greatest impact on improving productivity and profitability.

Our objective is to align and focus you and your people to your organisational goals and put in place a workable program that delivers sustainable results while fitting around your busy schedule.

We improve efficiency and profitability by taking a holistic review of all the components of your business and tackle inefficiencies that always tend to creep in. Our first action is to understand your vision, why you are in business and where you anticipate your business to be when you are ready to exit, whether it be now, or in five, twenty or forty years.

All our Business Development Packages share the same core aspects of reviewing your strategy against your aspirations to ensure it is translated, focussed and aligned to deliver your desired strategic outcomes in the areas of:

  • Being a satisfied shareholder
  • Having delighted customers
  • Operating efficient and effective processes
  • Services and Products delivered by a motivated and prepared workforce.

We support businesses to deliver long term strategies with strong leadership with the right team, partners and supply chain by looking at the purpose, people and processes, which achieves value for customers. We tailor our programs to match your current situation, recognising pressures you may already have on your time and other resources.

We would welcome the opportunity to hear about your business and your vision. Contact us now to arrange a free no-obligation consultation to receive feedback on your current strategy and operational business, we will even share some of our tools with you to get you going.

Still in doubt? Then drop us an email requesting our paper on “How Business Owners benefit from Business Coaching”.

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