Statistics from the American Society for Training and Development indicate that a person’s probability of achieving a goal increases from 50% to 95% when the plan for goal attainment is committed to another person.

What we do

We work with individuals, teams and organisations big and small, to develop meaningful and achievable goals to aspire to, that are unique to their strengths.

We challenge you in a safe and non-judgemental environment to review your vision and mission and help you realign to where you truly want to be. We understand everyone is unique, which is why we support you by showing you how your core values drive your strengths and how these strengths can be maximised to your advantage.

We give you a map of how your journey to being successful can be achieved and are right by your side offering ongoing support for as long as you need it.

How we work

We deal with issues where you know extra support and expertise could make a significant difference to how you feel and what you achieve.

Our style of delivery takes a variety of forms to suit you. In everything we do, we help you develop an action plan to transfer your learning back into the workplace. Above all else, we offer confidential, objective, motivational, unbiased and practical support for as long as you need it.

Individual Personalised Training

This is an excellent and ultimately cost-effective way of giving you and/or your key personnel some individual support or tuition to succeed. We offer modular structured programmes as well as coaching and mentoring programmes to suit your needs.

Everyone who has “made it” will have had their own support in the form of coaches, mentors, ‘gurus’, counsellors or trainers. You are not expected to succeed alone, we are here to support, guide and help you develop.

Training Courses and Workshops

We run hands on, highly participative interactive courses and workshops to groups of various sizes, from 6 to 60 on a variety of topics and/or selected themes identified as key areas that need developing. Our focus is to provide learning that can immediately be put into practice at work and home. We challenge you to confront your skills gap and enhance your strengths. We help you increase your confidence by enabling you to learn effectively through a range of activities in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.

As our clients’ needs change, so does our repertoire of courses: we are always expanding our range of packages to address changing needs. Our rapid adaptability is seen as one of our greatest assets. Ask now for our latest training course catalogue.

Tailored Packages

We listen to what you want, ensure we understand your key issues and needs and then develop a training course or facilitation workshop to help participants stay focussed and productive to deliver to your specific requirements.

This can take the form of intensive courses for key personnel and/or be combined with larger group sessions to shape a cost effective programme that maximises everyone’s development. Programmes can vary from improving performance to managing change, business growth to exit strategy.

We are more than happy to discuss practical solutions with you.

Contact us now for details of our experience and/or more information on our coaching programs or training workshops.

Keynote Speaker

Dr Arpinder Bansi is an award winning people’s coach and trainer as well as being a motivational speaker, who passionately believes that everyone is capable of achieving their aspirations.

As a result focussed professional, she has a history of success in peak performance coaching and project delivery, complimented by her extensive experience in managing people and understanding behaviours. Always promoting excellence, she develops people to realise their true potential, resulting in improvements sustained in all areas of their business and work/life balance.

Dr Arpinder Bansi is regularly invited to be a key note speaker on Motivation, Leadership and Diversity. Please contact us on the form below if you would like more detailed information or would like to book Dr Arpinder Bansi to come and speak at your next event.

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