Be a Business Olympian

Question: How do you to transform your organisation from its current performance to be an organisation of high performance?

 Answer:  Develop leadership skills in the individuals responsible for championing the way forward and instil confidence in them to challenge the status quo.

At Kaur Values Associates we do just that in our leadership development programs. With a client portfolio that includes F we have been grooming Business Olympians that are now creating high growth performance success in their respective organisations.

 All Business Olympians display three essential characteristics which are analogous to Sporting Olympians and they are: 

  • Unbreakable Mental Toughness

Peak performers work hard, are dedicated and have an unbreakable mental toughness. In the same way that athletes keep fit and hone their skills, managers need to grow and develop their competencies. Strong mental toughness is what differentiates champions from the strong performers.

  •  Good Discipline

Discipline is doing what is needed when you do not feel like it! Athletes exercise and practice when others are sitting around. Business Olympians keep the business up and running, they persevere when the going gets tough and not give up.

  •  Strong Belief

Sporting champions possess a strong belief in their capability to achieve the desired outcomes by tapping into their Emotional Quotient. Business Olympians have the same strong belief in themselves to have the capability to aim higher and experience greater success.

Having unbreakable mental toughness, good discipline and strong beliefs are all very well, but as all Sporting and Business Olympians will reveal, these are mindsets developed by having a good trainer and coach who understands the importance of heart and head and is able to tap into the Emotional Intelligence to really grow individuals to display peak performance.

For Business Olympians the additional output is that they create a strong organizational culture that empowers others to develop their mental toughness, discipline and belief thus accelerating the change for organisations to be transformed into higher performing organisations.

This article is condensed from a paper produced by Kaur Values “Why Olympians make Great Organisational Leaders”

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