As a Director of CVCRS I have I have noted a positive change in how those members of the team, who have accessed the coaching sessions provided by Arpinder, deal with certain situations. I have particularly noted:

  • How a coachee is more positive in the response to dealing with difficult situations and responding to items with a colleague;
  • How a coachee has gained more confidence in wider team settings and is able to contribute more to discussions and feels a lot more comfortable in doing so;
  • How a coachee has gained more confidence in wider team settings and is able to contribute more to discussions and feels a lot more comfortable in doing so
  • How a coachee has considered their medium-long term goals and made positive steps and taken actions to move towards these;
  • How a coachee is recognising that other support, guidance and advice is available and to feel more confident in asking for this;
Lisa MartinaliCommunity Regeneration Director, Castle Vale Community Housing Association

Just a quick note to say thanks and congratulate you what was for me a very instructive and enjoyable day.
My perception of the benefits from event was several fold:

  • I have learnt something in the sense of expansion of knowledge external to me
  • I have learnt/confirmed things about myself.
  • I feel better and more confident about my working environment knowing similar workshops are conducted with the management which denotes a drive and commitment for continuous improvement.
  • I have extracted a certain amount of inspiration and stimulation.
Bogdan TutoveanuSenior Engineer Amey Construction, previously Chairman of Midlands Institution of Civil Engineers Graduates

Arpinder was a trainer / workshop facilitator on a team building programme following the signing of a partnership agreement between Birmingham City Council and Atkins. The challenge for Arpinder was to bring together staff from both organisations, at different levels in a workshop environment. Arpinder achieved this in a fun, enthusiastic and informative way. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Brett DennettPrincipal Projects Leader, Transportation Development, Birmingham City Council

I had wonderful and lovely coaching sessions with Arpinder and these enabled me to make some lifetime changes I have always feared. Some of these decisions were not easy, but I am glad that I made them. The impact has is great and I would not go back or look back. Since the coaching I feel stronger than ever before to face sincerely the world I have feared.

Rosalind B

Through my coaching sessions with Arpinder, I have developed self-belief, a greater sense of confidence, and the ability to see a variety of options which I have not considered before. Having Arpinder as my coach helped me to feel supported, challenged and inspired to take actions. I looked forward to every session and to be on a journey of self-discovery. In the frame of the sessions, Arpinder asked me a set of some very powerful and effective questions, encouraged me greatly, celebrated my successes and happy times, and helped me to keep on track. Arpinder is such an inspirational professional; she gives her full commitment to her clients’ success, listens to them carefully, encourages them along the journey.

H. N.

Arpinder has been an encouraging, sensitive and supportive coach with whom I have had a really good rapport. Her approach included asking simple but effective questions in a supportive and non-judgemental manner. I felt positively challenged and this often made me shift my mindset. I would recommend Arpinder to potential clients and I feel privileged to have worked with her as my Coach. Thank you.

Judy N.

I found Arpinder Bansi to be dynamic in her approach , a motivational and inspirational leader to others. I would not hesitate to recommend Arpinder to anyone who required business support and guidance. Arpinder is more like your “best friend” when it comes to advice!

Rae SinclaireFounder of Make up by Rae

I regard Arpinder as a focused and professional business coach and mentor. Based on her core values of integrity and ethics, she positions herself as accessible to all. Arpinder’s tenacity and drive for results ensures she achieves the very best out of my vision for my own business to succeed.

Michael McEntee

I found my 1 to 1 sessions discussing business challenges with Arpinder inspirational. She would take my thoughts, dissect what I portray and reassemble into a structure to give clearer objective and focus. I would leavethemeeting energised and feeling top of the world.

Wayne EdwardsDirector Less4Officesupplies

I am delighted to offer my recommendation for Arpinder and her work with me over 2011 and 2012. At the time I was working as Assistant Regional Director of the HE STEM Programme in the Midlands and East Anglia. I was responsible for organising and delivering an extra-curricular course where groups of science and engineering undergraduates and recent graduands worked together to identify possible solutions to a challenge affecting the city of Birmingham. For this, the groups needed to understand teamworking, how they fit into a team and how to make the team an effective one before they could possibly work together within the constraints of the challenge.

In 2011, for our pilot course, Arpinder offered advice and support to the programme, invaluable mentoring and suggested activities that we could include, helping out wherever possible. She then worked with me to make the necessary improvements for the second course, in 2012.

In 2012 I was able to use Arpinder’s services more effectively: she provided the first day’s team building, understanding team roles and team activities, which enabled the 6 teams of 8 to gel immediately and start to work together. There was a lot of fun had that day, as well as a lot of learning, and students talked regularly about the different characteristics they displayed. Having delivered her activity she went over and above my expectations by remaining in touch with me throughout the students course and even came back to help with the final day where the teams present their idea in a competition.

Arpinder works in an immensely personable manner, teasing out the best of her clients: I felt more of a friend than a client and her collaborative style helped us to create an excellent experience for the groups who took part in the course. She went on to support another university’s equivalent course, again bringing extra value to the experience.

I have no hesitation in recommending Arpinder and Kaur Values for all activities relating to personal and business development.

Jenny IllingsworthUniversity of Birmingham

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