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The Influential Leader

An influential leader is able to continuously improve self performance and the performance of others. To be able to influence requires a great deal of confidence in you. However confidence is something you cannot touch, hold, or buy, so how can you instil confidence in yourself and influence others? Learn to embrace fear with confidence, […]

Be a Business Olympian

Question: How do you to transform your organisation from its current performance to be an organisation of high performance?  Answer:  Develop leadership skills in the individuals responsible for championing the way forward and instil confidence in them to challenge the status quo. At Kaur Values Associates we do just that in our leadership development programs. […]

Be a Woman of Influence

Is there a Glass ceiling? Why are only a small percentage of  women successful? Are you recognised for your talent or are you held back? Be a Woman of Influence is a workshop on the real secrets to being successful and having it all  Whether you run your own business or are employed in a professional environment, you […]

Why did he die?

It is good business practice to have regular independent reviews of processes and procedures to ensure they are fit for purpose and implemented efficiently. Some see this as an unnecessary time consuming overhead, others see the benefits of a review to positively highlight areas to improve and gaps to address. Sometimes it is the smallest […]