Mindset Workout

Mindset Workout

For business owners who:

  • Struggle with time management
  • Need to inject more motivation
  • Feel overwhelmed and need focus
  • Find working alone is a challenge

From this program learn and practise:

  • How to overcome negativity and fear
  • How to set goals that work for you
  • How motivation works best for you
  • How to create plans that deliver
  • How to do more in less time

You will also learn how to be more accountable, be mentally tougher and be given the tools to re-position yourself in a stronger position whenever faced with a new challenge.

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Workshops and Training Courses


Strategy Visioneering Workshop


  •  Do you need to re-focus your business activity?
  • Are you looking to improve business performance?
  • Do you want to fill your pipeline with quality prospects?
  • Do you want more fee paying customers?
  • Is your business plan really fit for purpose?
  • Do you want to improve your profits?


If you have answered yes to any of the above then you need to speak to us and find out details of our next workshop.

Wherever you currently are in your business, you will leave this workshop with renewed and unleashed passion.

So are you ready for a day of intensive strategy visioneering to position your business to experience greater success in the next 12 months.

The workshop is aimed at SMEs and Sole Traders to:

  • Analyse business needs to improve performance
  • Position the business more effectively
  • Define a workable 12 month success strategy with stretch targets
  • Develop an effective business action plan to get real and measurable results


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