About Kaur Values

About Kaur Values

At Kaur Values we firmly believe that everyone is capable of achieving their aspirations and deserve to be successful. We offer bespoke coaching and training services for clients who want to accelerate to the next level of leadership and exceed expectations in business growth and personal goals.

We work with individuals, teams and organisations, big and small, to tap into their hidden potential to enhance performance and capabilities, thus allowing them to enjoy the benefits that come with achieving greater success.

We help you develop motivational, achievable and aspirational goals that are unique to your strengths. Many people find work, especially management and leadership, too great a challenge, we believe this is mainly because they have never had anyone to guide, support and stretch them. This is where we step in to help you improve your performance; creating highly effective individuals and teams with enhanced capabilities, which accelerate business growth as well as improve work life balance.

We align your own strengths with your core values. We tap into your unused capabilities to start you on your journey to success. Our programs show you how to define what success means by helping you recognise and keep in balance your unique individual qualities and skills. We challenge your core values to ensure you are comfortable that they are supported on a solid belief foundation at an individual, team and organisational level. We bring out your authenticity, transforming you into a more effective and influential leader, passionate about what you do, achieving real and sustainable success.

Our clients are always amazed at how little they need to change in order to reap significant rewards.

We thrive on helping you transform your dreams and aspirations into a reality. For us it is about helping you to achieve beyond your current expectations.

If you are looking to achieve something, or simply want to realign yourself with a greater purpose, contact us now for a free no obligation consultation which will give you invaluable insight in what you need to do next.

The International Coach Federation surveyed 210 coaching clients. All had a formal, on-going relationship with a coach with an average duration of 9 months. They found that 70% of those clients found the investment very valuable and 28.5% found it valuable. They also found that 50% confide in their coach as much as their best friend, spouse or therapist, 12% confide in their coach more than anyone else.

Request our paper “Why Engage a Coach – The Top Ten Reasons” to get an insight why 98.5% of coaching clients found coaching rewarding.